What looks like a DSLR but records like a high-end camcorder?

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Canon XC10 Camcorder

Canon XC10 CamcorderThe best of both worlds – The Canon XC10 Camcorder

The camera records 8-bit 4:2:2 4K video in the new Canon XF AVC codec. With the XC10 you’ll also be able to shoot 1080p video at up to 60 fps. And because it’s lighter than many DSLRs, the XC10 should be ideal for aerial shooting from a UAV.
 So who’s really going to be jumping up & down over this camera?

Canon XC10 CamcorderWe think Canon’s XC10 will find a home with a lot of videographers,
particularly those who also occasionally like to shoot stills. But, to us, it seems made-to-order for indie videographers or smaller production companies looking for a reasonably priced all-in-one in-house video camcorder.

It’s almost as if it was custom made for them…

Canon XC10 CamcorderJust look at what the XC10 comes with: built-in 10x wide-angle zoom lens with 5-axis image stabilization, an ISO range of up to 20,000, a continuous AF mode (with face detection), fast-motion recording, dedicated microphone and headphone jacks, and WiFi. What’s more, Canon’s 4K-ready XC10 will come equipped with a 64GB CFast 2.0 card.


The Canon XC10 is available online or instore at Vistek.