NEW from Sony: the NEX-FS700

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Big news from Sony, this week, as they announce the new pro-grade 4k-capable E-mount camcorder – the NEX-FS700.

Pushing the creative boundaries, this new Super 35mm model is designed for high-speed shooting and is capable of capturing footage at up to 960 frames per second. With interchangeable lenses and super-slow-motion options, the NEX-FS700 shoots conventional 1080p video (switchable between 50Hz and 60Hz frame rates (including 60p, 50p, 60i and 24p and is 4K-ready, with a future firmware upgrade that will enable a 4K bit stream data over 3G HD-SDI when used with an optional Sony 4K recorder.

The NXCAM’s E-Mount flexibility is designed to accept virtually all SLR and DSLR 35mm lenses with the use of simple, inexpensive adapters without optical degradation. FS series owners can make use of their existing lenses and add more lenses without being forced on a brand or mount. Users can capture high-quality still images with the NEX-FS700.

Other features include face detection and auto focus to help ensure that a subject is always kept in focus, a newly designed ND filter wheel that rotates across the sensor like a turret and built-in 2-, 4-, and 6-stop neutral density filters that will allow videographers to shoot with wide apertures and blurred-out backgrounds.

Available: June 2012; MSRP: less than $10,000.

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