Panasonic Announces AJ-PX270 Camcorder

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The first handheld camera recorder to feature the AVC-ULTRA codec family, microP2 cards and wireless LAN connection

The AJ-PX270 at a glance:

The microP2 card:

  • with the same reliability of the P2 card, can be used without an adapter
  • New 22x Zoom Lens and 3MOS Image Sensors
  • A newly designed, compact, 22x zoom lens coversfrom wide 28 mm to tele 616 mm.
  • Three manual operation lens rings — zoom, focus and iris.
  • New 1/3 type 3MOS image sensors achieve high sensitivity, low noise and 1920 x 1080 Full-HD resolution.

Wide Range of Recording Bit Rates: AVC-ULTRA*1 Codec Family

  • AVC-LongG50/25 and AVC-Intra100/50 codecs are provided as standard features. AVC-LongG50/25 codecs achieve 10 bit/4:2:2
  • image quality at a data rate of approximately 50/25 Mbps.
  • Optional AVC-Intra200 codec for visually lossless images that approach uncompressed master quality.
  • Low-bit-rate AVC-Proxy for network use.

Two microP2 Card Slots

  • Two microP2 card slots enable the ultimate cost-effective operation. The microP2 card, with the same reliability as the P2 card, can be used without an adapter.
  • Simultaneous recording enables safe, secure backup recording onto two media cards

Network Function with Wireless Connection

  • The network function speeds up the broadcasting workflow from shooting to on-air transmission.
  • An optional wireless module allows wireless LAN connection for tablet or smartphone linking.
  • A 3G/4G/LTE dongle is scheduled for use in the near future.


Panasonic will be releasing pricing and shipping information in just under a month. Stay tuned, or better yet subscribe via RSS to get updates as they come in!