2017 Canadian Cinematographer’s Roundtable

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The 2017 Canadian Cinematographer’s Roundtable features four of the country’s most sought after image makers. Host Dale Sood sits down with four of Canada’s hottest cinematographers, Bobby Shore csc, Catherine Lutes csc, Maya Bankovic, and Scott McClellan to discuss working in today’s modern creative environment.

2017 Canadian Cinematographer’s Roundtable

Bobby Shore csc: http://www.bobbyshore.com/
Catherine Lutes csc: http://www.catherinelutes.com/
Maya Bankovic http://www.mayabankovic.com/
Scott McClellan https://www.aascottmcclellan.com/

Canon Canada: http://www.canon.ca/inetCA/
Astrolab Studios: http://astrolab.studio/
Vistek: http://www.vistek.ca
Canadian Society of Cinematographers: http://www.csc.ca/

Executive Produced by Arclight Productions
Produced by: Martin Wojtunik & Dale Sood
Directed by: Dale Sood & Martin Wojtunik
Cinematography: Martin Wojtunik

Produced with the generous support of Canon Canada, Astrolab Studios, Vistek, and the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.

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