Dear Beth, (i.e. the Beth at the heart of The Beth Project)

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BethUntil The Beth Project came along, we thought we knew you pretty well. As your Vistek colleagues we knew that you moved to Toronto from the Great Great White North (Whitehorse) … that you’re a fabulous cook who loves to bake … that you push the limits physically as an eager participant in the insane sport of roller derby … that you cater to your ‘real love’ of photography by shooting wedding and portraits under your dangergirl persona.

And Beth, of course, we knew you as that courageous individual who made the daring decision to lose 150 pounds and cut your body weight nearly in half.

The surprising thing we didn’t know about you is that you’re a damn fine actress.

Credit has to be given to Blake Morrow for staging and shooting the two characters you portrayed two years apart — and for creating the seamless double portraits. But kudos to you for pulling off the acting parts so well.

Beth, every time we look at the photos, we are totally, helplessly captivated by your playful poses, looks, sneers, and sly smiles. Way to go, Beth. Thanks for being you — before and after.

Your Vistek friends