Indie of the Week – Jody Read

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A Journey Through The Shadows of My Past by Jody Read

A photographers journey to travel Canada and photograph Aboriginal peoples of Canada.

This week’s Indie belongs to Jody Read, a Cree~Metis photographer currently living in Calgary, who plans to travel to all (614) First Nations within Canada, as well as Metis, and Inuit. Photograph (document) their story via images to celebrate and educate others, putting away any negative associations to Aboriginal people.


Jody’s journey is an effort to get to know her country and fellow countrymen better.

To be truthful I hardly know anything about my own heritage, and I can’t imagine I am the only one who feels the same way, not to mention those who are living in those communities, I want to share what they feel through images and educate others that we are a Nation of proud people.

As personal as this journey is for me, it’s also my wish to fill the gaps, to stop the stereotypes & racism. Bring people together of all races, color and religions. Support & celebrate traditions, family values, equality for everyone to empower one another not only to good, but to be good…stop the pain, & respect our differences. Get back to the basics, just love one another!



It’s important to me to give back and contribute to my people, the ones I know so little about. I feel like we have much to be proud of when I was a child saying I was Cree-Metis or anything close to that was shunned, like an embarrassment for lack of better description.

My focus will be on Elders, Woman and Children…when all is said and done, I will later showcase my journey through images and books during the 150th Anniversary of Canada.

Why these three groups? Elders as they teach traditions, & paved the path, Woman (mothers) as we are the glue, the foundation…and children because they are our future, our motivation.

I plan to take 2 years to complete this mission, at the end of those two years I will begin compiling the images and stories. In hopes to have an exhibition, in the form of an image celebration in 2017.

Mountains Prairie Sign

Please donate to Jody’s Kickstarter page and make this amazing project come to life!