Interview: Tiffen’s Dan Ikeda for their Steadicam Workshop

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1)How long have you been running seminars like this one?

I’ve been involved in workshop for over 7 years and I’ve been teaching the 2Day workshops for over 2 years.

2)Tell us about the Steadicam Zephyr, Scout and Pilot

Steadicam is fun and exciting tool to expand your range of visual story telling. In my opinion, it’s one of the greatest tool to express how human experience the 3 dimensional space. As the technology improves, we now have various sizes of camera and depending on the market of production, there are various accessories to the camera. 3 models of Steadicam (Zephyr, Scout and Pilot) all address different market segments (Type camera, type of accessory and workflow). Zephyr address more larger cameras like Epic, C300, F55 level cameras with professional lens and accessories. Scout address EX-1/3, HVX-200, fixed lens cameras with moderate accessories. Pilot is designed for DSLR or smaller cameras with some accessories.

3)What are people in the industry saying about them?

I’ve heard many responses but the most common response are that it raised the level of their production value, made it more dynamic visually. My favorite response is, it really changed how I look and visualize my shots. I use the camera movements to carry emotion with a purpose.

4)Take us through just a few of the key things people will learn at this seminar

In the 2day course, we cover the mechanics of Steadicam, Interface between our body and machine, Proper settings, Different types of balance and adjustment, Drills/exercise to train your techniques.

5)What value does this seminar bring to the career of someone getting their start?

It’s great way to learn to basic principle of the Steadicam. Feel and experience how moving the cameras can dynamically alter view’s experience. Learn how to use it with minimal effort and maximizing the fun out of it.

6)What value does this seminar bring to an experienced professional?

If you’re already an experienced professional, it may be a way to differentiate your production from your competitors. It may be a way to refine your understanding of the rig (all the features of the rigs). Set up (shots with lot of tilts, action sequence, slower sequence, etc) and techniques/workflow to be more efficient in time and energy.