Vistek Walk/Talk Ep. 4: The Truth About Tech Specs

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In Ep. 4 of our on going series Walk/Talk, Vistek’s Video Producer Dale Sood dives in to discuss what tech specs really mean and which ones you should really care about.

Walk/Talk Ep. 4: The Truth About Tech Specs

“Inside the hood of a modern camera are a lot of intimidating numbers. Bit depth, resolution, chroma, sensor readout, low pass filters…. the list goes on. How do you know which specs to care about and which ones to discard? In this episode we address the most common questions by customers and commentators. We dive into the engine and find out the truth about tech specs.”

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About Walk/Talk

Welcome to Walk/Talk. – #REALWALK #REALTALK. A new monthly digital series from Vistek that explores photographic and cinematic life in a fast paced, no-holds-barred style. In future episodes we’ll take a walk with some of the image industry’s best and brightest.

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