Directing Commercials: The Complete Process w/ Anson Fogel | WC Ep. 6

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In episode six of our ongoing YouTube series, World Class, Vistek video producer Dale Sood Skypes with one of the top commercial directors in the United States, Anson Fogel.

Anson Fogel is one of the USA’s top commercial directors. As part of the production team at Camp 4 Collective, he directs and shoots for many of the world’s best brands. Anson takes us farm-to-table through the production of his recent spot for Volkswagen. This baby is chocked full of amazing insights into creating truly world class content.

Directing Commercials : The Complete Process w/ Camp 4 Collective Director Anson Fogel

Chapter Time Stamps

1:49 – Anson’s career background
7:45 – Moving from a DP to a Director – having intentionality
9:20 – Even the best do bad work, but they work.
13:10 – The beginnings of work with Camp 4 Collective
17:00 – Case Study: Volkswagen : Dangerous Days – commercial
20:23 – Starting the process with the Ad Agency
21:28 – Bringing unique skills or specialties to your projects
25:46 – How to deliver the concept as pitched and on budget
28:16 – Storyboards & references
31:00 – Technical prep & pre-pro
33:13 – Treatment writing process
34:48 – When win the pitch: The Big 3
37:05 – Gearing up to shoot
38:11 – Into production – shooting the spot
40:30 – Director’s role in post production / sound design
43:47 – Managing and developing your career outside of commercial work
45:45 – Work / Life Balance
49:38 – Career establishing advice

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