One Man Band Survival Guide w/ Director & DOP Ben Staley | WC Ep. 7

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In episode seven of our ongoing YouTube series, World Class, Vistek video producer Dale Sood Skypes with Emmy Award winning director and cinematographer Ben Staley.

Emmy Award winning director & cinematographer Ben Staley is a true renaissance man. He grew up in the wilds of Alaska and has risen to be one of America’s best do-it-all story tellers – all the while maintaining a very strong photography practice.

In this episode we dissect Ben’s latest project – a feature length documentary shot and directed entirely by himself. A rare insight on what it takes to be the excellent at, well…everything. Shooter/Directors (aka one-man-bands) this is episode is for you.

The One Man Band Survival Guide w/ Director & DOP Ben Staley

Chapter Time Stamps:

  • 1:27 Ben’s background & history
  • 13:10 Moving to Los Angeles & getting TV work
  • 19:00 Working hard & building relationships
  • 25:36 How to maintain quality & focus on priorities
  • 30:41 Case study: Starbound (feature documentary)
  • 38:31 How to one-man-band a feature documentary
  • 44:34 How this doc compares or contrasts factual television
  • 50:08 Getting subjects to reveal themselves
  • 53:54 Starbound technical package
  • 59:18 Ben’s photography practice & philosphy
  • 1:02:41 Directing talent
  • 1:04:43 Balancing photography with filmmaking

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