Street Photography That Stands Out w/ Craig Reilly | WC Ep. 10

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In episode ten of our ongoing YouTube series, World Class, Vistek video producer Dale Sood Skypes with British street photographer Craig Reilly.

In our 10th episode Dale speaks with British street photographer Craig Reilly who’s meteoric success is only outpaced by the growth of Street Photography International (SPi), a collective of street photographers he helped build.

SPi hosts millions of impressions monthly on their Instagram account and has a quickly growing base of over 350,000 followers making it one of the largest street photography accounts on Instagram.

Craig shares with us how those results were achieved in under two years, and what makes a good street photograph.

Street Photography That Stands Out w/ Craig Reilly

Chapter Time Stamps

00:54 – Intro and background on Craig
04:20 – Meeting celebrated photographer Dorothy Bohm
06:07 – Origins of Street Photography international
07:54 – SPi Workshops
08:58 – Building SPi’s following on Social Media/Instagram
11:12 – What makes a photograph good?
17:05 – Why some great images fail on Instagram
18:58 – Themes to couch your creativity in & get noticed
22:00 – Social media tips for growing your brand/art/business
24:12 – Forming Collectives
29:49 – Where Craig finds inspiration
32:22 – Moving to Mirrorless Cameras
33:54 – Craig’s lens choices & favourites
35:10 – London as a backdrop
37:30 – The best cities for street photography

If you’re always on the go and want to listen to our interview with Craig Reilly, you can stream the podcast here

Follow Craig Reilly and view more of his work using the links below:

Craig’s Website
Craig’s Instagram

Street Photography International website
Street Photography International Instagram

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