Better Street Photography w/ Emily Garthwaite | WC Ep.9

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In episode nine of our ongoing YouTube series, World Class, Vistek video producer Dale Sood Skypes with photojournalist and street photographer Emily Garthwaite.

Emily Garthwaite is a British photojournalist and street photographer based in London. Her photography has been featured internationally as well as her photograph “Chained to Tradition” being selected as a Finalist for Wildlife Photojournalist of The Year.

Emily is also an Associate Member of Street Photography International which is Instagram’s fastest growing account for the genre with over 250,000 followers and reaching over 8 million people per month.

In this episode we discuss how to create stunning street & travel photographs, especially when there is a language barrier and how the influence of other photographic styles and genres can make you a better street photographer.

Better Street Photography w/ Emily Garthwaite

Chapter Time Stamps

00:41 – Intro & Emily’s background
04:01 – Finding and photographing subjects with language barrier
7:15 – Getting to “yes” and how Instagram gains you access
9:32 – Planning for photography trips
13:17 – To plan or not to plan, that is the question
17:14 – Why the 3 first days of your trip are the most important
20:21 – Case Study: India
25:13 – The most memorable images (India)
31:06 – The female advantage
35:35 – Using street & travel photography to advance social causes
39:52 – Switching from DSLR to rangefinder camera
44:20 – The academic approach to photography

If you’re always on the go and want to listen to our interview with Emily Garthwaite, you can stream the podcast here

Follow Emily Garthwaite and view more of her work using the links below:

Emily’s Website
Emily’s Instagram Account

Street Photography International Website
Street Photography International’s Instagram Account

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