Using emotion to lead your shooting style w/ Lauren Withrow | WC Ep. 3

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In episode three of our ongoing YouTube series, World Class, Vistek video producer Dale Sood Skypes with American Editorial Photographer Lauren Withrow.

Lauren Withrow is a highly acclaimed American editorial photographer. She’s been featured in Flickr’s 20 under 20, and Photoboite’s 2015 30 women under 30. Her work is cinematic, vulnerable, and memorable. She shares with us how she gets such intimate photographs in what are often completely improvised settings. Her work is both very personal but is also a commercial success.

Over the course of the hour-long interview, Dale and Lauren discuss a multitude of topics, including how Lauren often improvises her shoots by allowing the emotion of the moment lead her shooting style.

Improvised Editorial Photography: Letting the emotion of the moment lead your shooting style

Chapter Time Stamps

2:02 Lauren’s Backstory
5:21 Moving to NYC
7:41 Inspired by cinema/filmmaking & improvisational style
10:05 Becoming a filmmaker
12:02 Strategies for improvised photography & compelling reasons to shoot film
23:11 Letting the emotion of the moment lead the shooting style: Wallflower vs Centre of Action
27:46 Case Study #1: White Sands
34:40 Case Study #2: Bedroom
38:17 Photography vs Memories
42:25 Photography & the quest for deeper personal understanding
45:22 Improv personal style applied to commercial work
51:57 Combatting the pressure for young artists to peak in their mid to early 20s

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