Forging Relationships in Photography Projects w/ Naomi Harris | WC Ep. 8

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In episode eight of our ongoing YouTube series, World Class, Vistek video producer Dale Sood Skypes with award winning documentary photographer Naomi Harris.

Multiple award-winning documentary photographer Naomi Harris knows how to settle in for the long haul. She’s logged a year with Seniors in Miami Beach (Haddon Hall), five years with swingers (America Swings), seven years in theme parks (EUSA), and even drove 30,000 km across America “talking with, and photographing, a variety of people affiliated with both the Democratic and the Republican parties as well as those who didn’t, or couldn’t, vote” in an effort to figure out how the polls and the media got it so wrong with the 2016 American election (The First 100 Days).

In this episode of World Class, we discuss the key elements in telling stories over long periods of time; like how to forge strong, trusting relationships and how to fund long term projects.

In for the long haul: forging relationships in long term photography projects w/ Naomi Harris

Chapter Time Stamps

1:59 – Intro & Naomi’s back story
11:22 – Haddon Hall (2001)
13:25 – Approaching & meeting subjects
22:20 – Project Planning
26:25 – Case Study: EUSA (2008-2015)
34:48 – Gaining access to subjects
40:13 – Funding long term projects
46:04 – Advice for long term projects
48.10 – Value in doing long term projects
54:08 – What makes a good photograph?
1:01:46 – Performance art & self portraiture
1:03:21 – Advice to new or young photographers

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