Compelling Visuals on Smaller Budgets w/ DP Romain Wilhelm | WC Ep. 5

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In episode five of our ongoing YouTube series, World Class, Vistek video producer Dale Sood Skypes with French Director of Photography Romain Wilhelm.

Romain Wilhelm is an emerging French DOP who’s already proven his worth by shooting acclaimed projects with minimal time and resources. He discusses the trials and tribulations of shooting in restrictive conditions and how he’s found success despite the constraints.

Compelling Visuals on Smaller Budgets

Chapter Time Stamps

2:00 – Backstory
3:20 – More backstory
4:57 – Film School & Transitioning into a DOP
6:50 – The French Tradition
8:58 – Case Study #1: Le Goyard – Le Rendezvous
12:22 – Art of the Prep
16:14 – In camera effects
17:46 – How a Vimeo Staff Pick can propel your career
19:16 – Case Study #2: NY84
22:05 – Prepping for adversity or contingencies
25:07 – Period pieces on a budget
28:20 – NY84: Shooting multiple scenes in one location
33:35 – Managing the Camera Dept & Electric Dept
36:10 – American vs European set differences
40:40 – Maintaining quality in a fast paced environment
43:10 – Learning from mistakes
44:17 – The evolution of quality
46:16 – Early career advice
48:22 – Importance of being active & healthy
53:03 – Working with RED cameras

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