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Kyle McDougall: How To Find Ideas & Direction For Photo Projects


Photographer and cinematographer Kyle McDougall, walks us through the process he uses to help him…

Canon EOS Webcam Utility turns your Canon DSLR into a webcam


Canon has officially released EOS Webcam Utility software that allows you to use compatible Canon…

Self-Iso Project: What to Look for When Choosing a Camera Bag


When it comes to transporting our precious camera equipment, and storing it when not in…

CAPIC – COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines for Image Creators


CAPIC, the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators, has released their recommended COVID-19 health and…

Self-Iso Inspiration: The Ins and Outs of Bird Photography


With social distancing slowly becoming the norm, there are some of us that can continue…

Speedlight Basics: Everything you need to know about on-camera flash


Speedlight Basics Shooting photos with natural light is great! However perhaps you feel limited by…

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