How to set-up an Elinchrom Rotalux Softbox

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Let’s face it, some products can be frustrating to set-up right out of the box, so we designed this series to show you, in 60 seconds or less, how to properly set-up various products available at Vistek. In this short tutorial we show you how to properly set-up an Elinchrom Rotalux Softbox.

ELINCHROM ROTALUX SOFTBOX: Detailed Setup Instructions

Easily sets up in seconds!

  1. Remove softbox and diffusion cloth from storage bag
  2. Place softbox on the ground, speed-ring side down, allowing the softbox to naturally open up.
  3. While holding the locking ring to the ground with one hand, use the palm of the opposing hand to press the tension rod down. You can then pinch the rounded ferrule with the same hand and slide it into the locking ring housing. Repeat for all eight tension rods. Double check that all ferrules have been pushed entirely and securely into the housing.
  4. Ensure that the spin release screw on the front to speed ring housing is tightened before you mount the light fixture.
  5. Place the softbox on the ground, this time inside facing down.
  6. Twist your applicable light fixture into place. The Rotalux is adaptable to several leading manufacturer lights (see below).
  7. Mount your fitted fixture onto the light stand.
  8. At this point, you will decide what type of light modifiers to use. The Rotalux is capable of creating over 8 different looks.

A. Direct-No diffusion

Set up as a beauty dish:
B. Direct-Gold Deflector
C. Direct-Silver Deflector
D. Direct-translucent Deflector
E. Direct-Frost Deflector

Set up as a softbox:
F. Direct-Internal Diffuser
G. Direct-Outer Diffuser
H. Direct-Internal, and External Diffuser-Softest Light available

In this video, we showed the Frost Deflector (sold separately) being installed.

9. The Rotalux comes with two diffusion panels. Setup with the internal diffuser for soft light or setup with both internal and external diffusers for the softest light. The interior diffusion panel snaps into place.

10. The exterior diffusion panel uses a hook & stitch (aka velcro) to adhere to the edges of the softbox.

11. Your setup is now complete, and you can turn on and operate your light fixture.


  1. Reverse the diffusion material process.
  2. Place softbox on the ground facing down.
  3. Remove your light fixture from the speed ring.
  4. Flip the softbox so that the interior is facing up, and place back on the ground.
  5. As for the setup, brace the locking ring with one hand, and using the palm fo the opposing hand, press down on the tension rods to release the tension at the ferrule housing on the locking ring. Pinch ferrule and pull out while your palm is pressing down on the rod. Repeat for remaining 7 rods.
  6. Once collapsed no need to take it apart, store it in it’s supplied case along with diffusers for easy set-up the next time.

Link to speed ring options (sold separately):

Additional information on the Rotalux product line light shaping modifiers: