How to do colour calibration on your iPad!

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Have you ever wanted to do colour calibration on your iPad? Well today is your lucky day!

Datacolor has just released an iPad app called Spydergallery. The application is free, and will allow you to use your Datacolor Spyder to talk with your iPad (via a WiFi connection) to do a custom Colour Calibration.

All you need is a computer with your Spyder 3/Elite connected, and a WiFi connection. You’ll need to download the desktop Application for Mac/PC (from Datacolor’s website) as well as the Spydergallery application onto your iPad ( available via the app store on your iPad or through iTunes.)

What I did on my Macbook Pro – since  I don’t have WiFi access in my office – was to go into the airport control preferences and turn them on. Then, from the pop up menu in the top of the screen, I accessed the “Create Network” option. Leave the password off, as you will only need to do this for a few minutes.

I then connected my Spyder 3  Elite, and launched the desktop version of the Spydergallery software, simultaneously. I  launched the preference pane on my iPad and connected to the WiFi network that I just created on my Macbook Pro. After the connection was confirmed, I launched the Spydergallery software. I touched the icon that looked like the Spyder and followed the on screen instructions. I placed the Spyder on my iPad 2 and a few minutes later we had calibrated iPad 2.

The software is pretty straight forward to use, and allows you to view all of the images stored on your iPad through the gallery software, which now shows you calibrated images, that are colour correct and ready for you to show to clients.

I have to say that I was mightily impressed with this neat little app, and it certainly made my images look noticeably better than they were before. I would highly recommend this product. It certainly shows again, what a good photography tool the iPad is turning out to be.