One Man Band Audio | Vistek 60 Second Set-up Video

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The 60 Second Set-up Series

Let’s face it, some products can be frustrating to set-up right out of the box (a certain Swedish company comes to mind), so we designed this series to show you, in 60 seconds or less, how to properly set-up various products available at Vistek. In this video, we demonstrate a “one man band” audio set-up using a boom mic, c-stand and audio boom pole.

ONE MAN BAND BOOM MIC: Detailed Setup Instructions

  1. Set up a solid stand like a c-stand or a solid double 750 stand.
  2. Place a sandbag on the stand.
  3. Locate the smallest slot on the grip head. Loosen grip head knuckle and place the Ikan Audio Boom Cradle Mount into the receiving slot and tighten the grip head knuckle.
  4. Attach the telescopic audio boom pole to the shock mount
  5. Thread the hyper-cardioid microphone through the shock mount
  6. Attach the xlr audio cable to the microphone
  7. Extend the audio boom pole the necessary amount to your interviewee while keeping the stand out of the camera frame.
  8. Install the audio boom pole into the Ikan Boom Cradle Mount, with more than 50% of the weight balanced on the microphone end.
  9. Clean up the audio cable by looping it around the cradle mount and a couple additional turns around the boom pole itself.
  10. Raise the stand using the top riser to the necessary height. Pay close attention to the angle and axis of the cardioid mic and keeping it as close to subject’s mouth without it entering into the camera frame. Often this means that the microphone is placed about one foot in front of the subject, and angled back towards the direction of their mouth.

Products featured in this 60 Second Set-up: