Phase One's Capture One Tips: Haze & Telephoto Lenses

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When shooting landscape pictures with telephoto lenses, you will sometime see that the colors are influenced by haze.

It is not just a question of having the right White Balance. It also has to do with the fact that when an object is viewed over a long distance, it will be viewed through lots of air which in itself adds color to the object.

Sometimes, this colored haze just adds the right look and feel to the image but at other times it may just be an unwanted distraction to the landscape.

Capture One Pro’s levels adjustments tool for individual color channels is the perfect tool to deal with such haze problems.

The image on the left shows some typical long distance haze which makes the colors look a little washed out with a distinct bluish cast. The image on the right has been corrected with individual Levels Tools for each color channel. Not only has the bluish cast disappeared, but the blue sky and the green color of the mountain slopes now appear much more natural.

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