Wedding Photographers – Don’t Let this Happen to You

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The video below contains 41 of the most cringe-inducing seconds you’ll ever see. It’s no wonder they’ve gone viral, but the REAL questions are: How did this happen? What went wrong?  How did a bride and groom go from unbridled joy to unimaginable embarrassment in the middle of their ceremony? How could this have been avoided? And finally, what can other wedding photographers learn from it?

Wedding photographers always need to be on their toes. Capturing every memory while constantly adjusting lighting, exposure and composition requires focus and quick thinking. While this means being in the right place at the right time, it also means staying out of the way in order to let the moments happen. So how do you avoid being in the moment when you should be capturing it?

Communication.  Communication and organization are paramount in wedding photography and videography.

  • As a wedding photographer, be sure to introduce yourself to the officiant before the ceremony, preferably well in advance of the big day.
  • Try to scope out the venue before the ceremony to figure out the best angles. The rehearsal is the perfect time to develop your strategy.
  • Let your clients and the officiant know where you plan to stand, but be sure it doesn’t disturb or distract them.
  • Inquire about the flash/video-lighting policy (many churches have a no-flash policy). This will not only avoid a disturbance but it will help you decide on the equipment you’ll need.

Equipment and workflows are one thing, but the business side is equally important. While it all might seem a bit overwhelming, fear not – there’s help!

The Frame to Finish Expo helps wedding photo and video pros take their businesses to the next level. Expert instructors address the following issues:

  • camera and lighting techniques
  • workflow
  • key business topics (including branding and social media)
  • effective contracts
  • intellectual property management
  • post-production tips and tricks

Best of all: it’s coming to a town near you. CALGARY – October 28, 2013 VANCOUVER – October 30, 2013 TORONTO – November 4, 2013