Les Wilson’s Stunning Barn Owl Series using Elinchrom ELC ProHD

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Photographer Les Wilson has shown us that with a keen eye and the right equipment, you can create incredible, almost other-worldly photos. In the case of this amazing barn owl series, Les used the all-new Elinchrom ELC Pro-HD series. Les also worked with staff from the Hawk Conservatory Trust near Andover, UK.

We managed to get some words from Les with regards to his work on this project.

First off I’m not on the payroll but a big fan of all the kits and travel with them all the time. As you have looked at my web pages you will see I’m a big Elinchrom user and use them all the time. I abuse the lights all the time with my out side work in all weathers. Reliability and ease of uses when you work on your own on shoots is a must.

The 15 Flashes on the Elinchrom units’ stroboscopic effect allowed Les to capture these shots in just one second of motion. Les used Elinchrom ELC ProHD units on loan from London’s Flash Centre.

Please check out more of Les Wilson’s work at his own site