Apple® Mobile Devices and EL-Skyport WiFi: There's an App for that!

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The first wireless system which enables you to control and remote Elinchrom RX flash units from your Apple® mobile device such as iPhone™, iPad™ or iPod Touch™ will be available this month.

The idea is to use devices for controlling flash units, which already exist in big volume in the market and which many owners consider to be the most practical and user friendly mobile devices ever. This was a good motivation for Elinchrom to develop the mobile remote application and the EL-Skyport WIFI module, to enable a link between the two systems.

Controllable Features (depending on type of RX flash unit):

  • Test flash
  • Flash power
  • Modelling light; On/Off, Prop, Free
  • Cell; On/Off
  • Eye-Cell; On/Off
  • Sound; Ready charge beep
  • Slow Charging; On/Off
  • Auto Off (battery units)
  • Group 1 – 4
  • Stand By
  • Frequency channel 1 – 8
  • Sync modes; Speed On/Off
  • Fast refresh rate On/Off
  • Head A; On/Off (power packs)
  • Head B; On/Off (power packs)
  • Flash power control by “Groups”

Compatible RX Flash Units:

  • Compacts: *Style RX 300 / 600 / 1200.
  • Battery Power Packs: Ranger Quadra RX (with built-in Tranceiver RX) / *Ranger RX / *Ranger RX Speed / *Ranger RX Speed AS.
  • Power Packs: *Digital RX 1200 / 2400.
    *These units require the EL-Skyport Transceiver RX

What do you need to make it work: