Aputure Lighting Certification – Free Product Training

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In the age of self isolation, there are still plenty of opportunities to keep yourself busy (and sane!) and maybe learn a thing or two along the way. One of those ways is to engage in some online learning and over the next four weeks, Aputure lighting is offering free online training for anyone interested in getting an in-depth education into modern LED and learning the Aputure lighting line-up.

Aputure is a brand that Vistek has been selling for some time in Alberta but as of January Vistek is excited to announce that we are a Premium Aputure dealer offering a selection of their products nationwide.

For more information, keep reading below…

Online Learning outline as posted on the Aputure Lighting Facebook Events Page

Aputure Lighting Certification (ALC) is the certification and product training that we usually offer only to our dealers and their employees. For the next four weeks, we’ll be opening this up as a livestream to anyone that is interested in getting an in-depth education into modern LED and learning the Aputure lighting line-up. Each stream will cover a new range of lighting fixtures and be taught by an expert from our Product Design Team. Note this is a PRODUCT-HEAVY seminar where we talk a lot about our features and specifications.

Aputure Lighting AL-M9 Light

Aputure AL-M9 Light

Those interested in taking a quiz will also receive a free Aputure M9 if they pass. Those interested in taking the master product certification test will receive if they pass, not only receive ALC certification, but also a free Amaran MX.

ALC Classes streamed every Monday & Wednesday. New topics are introduced each week.

Each stream will start at 12pm PST / 3pm EST. Just login for more details and how to join the session.

AUSTRALIA and ASIA: We will have a separate stream at 2pm (GMT +8) / 5pm Australia East Coast (GMT +11). Join the Aputure Asia User Group for more information for this.

CLASS SCHEDULE + DATES – Each stream will start at 12pm PST / 3pm EST

  • March 23rd & 24th – Light Storm & Nova
  • March 30th & April 1st – Lighting Modifiers + Super Secret Release
  • April 6th & April 8th – M-Series Lights + Amaran
  • April 6th & April 8th – [Cram Session] Entire Aputure Line-Up

The ALC Live Stream is just one of a couple of the initiatives Aputure is doing in response to the most recent global events. If you like to join us for this or any other online class we are hosting, you are absolutely welcome to. We will be offering all of them for free.

For more info on other classes, join our User Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AputureUsers/


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