How to get beautiful Interview Lighting with LEDGO Fresnels

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This year at ProFusion Expo LEDGO sponsored one of the more illuminating series of seminars highlighting their LED lighting products. The seminars, led by Bentley Miller covered a wide range of LED lighting how to’s including:

  • Transitioning from tungsten “hot” lights to LED fixtures
  • Lighting Talent in front of a backdrop
  • Lighting for product shots

LEDGO-logo-KClick here to see the full range of LEDGO products available at Vistek.

We all know that lighting is an important (some would say it’s the most important) element for both film and photography.

What a lot of people don’t fully understand is how using the right lighting techniques can dramatically improve your image. So when you have a chance to learn about it from a master of lighting, you take it.

Luckily for us, Director of Photography & Lighting Director Bentley Miller is one of those masters and was willing to share his knowledge…

Taking advantage of a break in the action, cinematographer Sarah Moffat spoke with Bentley about how he has adapted his classic approach to interview lighting by taking full advantage of the new LED technology lighting systems.

Watch the Interview:

bentleymillerBentley Miller Bio:

My passion and my life’s work is as a storyteller, I tell stories with images. Crafting light and dark into images that support and enhance the story line whatever it may be. I have acted as Director of Photography for numerous dramas, series and live concerts as well as over 200 soap opera episodes for a diverse client base. Clients such as Epitome Pictures, NDF /ZDF Germany. RTR Media/Seven Steps-Debbie Travis, Bell, HGTV Canada, The Food Network Canada, Discovery USA and W Network.

Passion for the craft, Technical skill and Creativity are the hallmarks of my work. Over the course of the last 35 years I have pursued my craft, Lighting Design for a diverse client base. I have learned from every project and I have used that knowledge to make each subsequent project that much better. My skills include matching lighting, framing and composition for complex matte shots/sequences, time lapse sequences and large scale lighting setups.

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