EXCLUSIVE: Elinchrom ELC 500/1000 PRO HD Lighting System

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Photo by Philippe Echaroux

Photo by Philippe Echaroux

Elinchrom has announced their brand-new Pro Mono Heads. We were fortunate enough to actually get our hands on some of these amazing units, so we were able to see just how powerful they can be. As well, Vistek will be accepting Pre-Orders as of today with Elinchrom starting to ship worldwide April 1st.

Elinchrom Pro Mono Heads at a glance:

  • Wireless – Radio remote control of power settings and flash triggering with the EL-Skyport system.
  • System – Full control over all Elinchrom units with the EL-Skyport Software via the optional USB Transceiver RX.
  • Powerful – Available in 500 or 1000 Ws, these units are ideal for most photographic applications.
  • Intelligent – With programmable features for the photocell, EL-Skyport, audio and modelling lamp settings the ELC Pro HD simply offers more.
  • Performance – Combining the best of two worlds the ELC Pro HD units provide excellent flash duration with super balanced colour.
  • Unique – OLED display for information and clarity.

ELC 1000/500


OLED Display


  1. Elinchrom has finally added the built in wireless controls to their pro line, add in the Elinchrom EL Skyport Wifi, and you can control every feature of these lights with your mobile phone, or tablet
  2. The fastest recycling time of any monolight ever made by Elinchrom, the 500/1000 both recycle to full power at 1.2 seconds. This is going to be great for Fashion shooters
  3. The OLED display is unique, and lets you quickly navigate through all of the functions of the lights, and change your settings, not having to fumble with pressing multiple buttons at one time. The interface is intuitive, and you can figure it out in minutes. I for one didn’t even need the instruction manual, however I recommend that you read it. (see below for further info)
  4. If Action Freezing Flash is what you need, these are the units you’re going to want to own. With flash duration displayed right on the OLED display it will quickly let you setup your lights for the fastest flash duration that the lights can handle, for those action freezing moments, see the specs below for all of the details
  5. Made and Designed in Switzerland, at Elinchrom’s headquarters

Says Elinchrom President, Chris Whittle:

”We set out to make a unit that would not only change the way a photographer works but also the way that they think. We believe the ELC combines everything a photographer needs with everything a photographer wants, plus the consistency and reliability that you expect from Elinchrom.”

New Shooting modes that let you take your creativity to all new heights, including:

Sequence Mode:

These shots, by Frank Doorhof were shot in Sequence Mode, which allows you to sequentially trigger up to 20 ELC’s, in bursts or as a continuous cycle, to utilise the high frame rate of your camera. Says Doorhof:

The new ELCs make shooting motion like shooting with constant light but now with the freezing power of strobes. It’s awesome to shoot at 5fps and still run out of buffer in the camera before the strobes do. They rock.

Lorenzo-Augustus-15-2013-79[1] Lorenzo-Augustus-15-2013-80[1] Lorenzo-Augustus-15-2013-81[1] Lorenzo-Augustus-15-2013-82[1] Lorenzo-Augustus-15-2013-83[1] Lorenzo-Augustus-15-2013-84[1] Lorenzo-Augustus-15-2013-85[1]


Multiple Modes shot by Philippe Echaroux

The following (suuuuuuper cool) shots by Philippe Echaroux put the lights’ Delayed and Stroboscopic modes on display. Says Echaroux:

These are the lights you want for your studio, they offer all the good old classic studio flash features plus some fresh new tricks. You will love learning to use them. It’s the new generation of Studio equipment

Delayed Mode


Stroboscopic Mode:


Action Freezing/Flash Duration:


What Other Creatives are Saying:

Kieron Nevison

Using the ELC’s I’m thinking creative, running free from all previous technical boundaries. The new ELC is a step forward on so many levels, it’s difficult to say which feature I liked best. I want them! I need them!

Anoush Abrar

As soon as I tested the heads in the real world I can easily say, test it and you will adopt it! Intuitive to use, very fast, robust.



Full Pricing on the ELC Pro 500/500 and 1000/1000 Lighting systems & kits are available here