Elinchrom Photokina 2012 Roundup!

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The folks at Elinchrom have posted a fantastic (and detailed!) round up of all their Photokina 2012 happenings.

The launch of their products for the next year included:

  • The D-Lite RX ONE  – a new compact, the ideal beginner’s unit:  reliable, easy to use and versatile.
  • The third generation of D-Lite 2 and 4:  After D-Lite and D-Lite it, D-Lite gets the upgrade to D-Lite RX. All new RX units can now be controlled with the EL-Skyport Speed Transmitter, by computer with the USB Transceiver RX or by iDevices with the WiFi module.
  • The Entry-professional line is also upgraded to RX.
  • The Quadra Hybrid allows the choice between using either the lightweight and powerful Lithium-Ion battery (announced earlier in the year) or the weather resistant and cheaper Lead-Gel battery.
  • The Square 44 cm is made of heat resistant plastic now, a change from previous iterations made of aluminum.

But the Elinchrom booth wasn’t just a display of new gear and product.  A line-up of photographers took part in an interactive shooting both as part of Elinchrom’s presence. Here’s a bit of what they had to say!

“I really felt that this was an important year. There were lots of major new products, as much in the lighting field than in the camera field. I have to admit I felt just like a kid of 10 who was left for 2 days in a big, big, big toy store!”
Anouk Abrar

“I had a really, really great time … I think that the audience was at first surprised by seeing a guy not simply teaching photographic knowledge, but more implicating them in the game.”
— Phillipe Echaroux

“It was my third time at Photokina … The stage (at the Elinchrom booth) made a huge difference (and) also resulted in a lot more viewers, so that’s a good thing.”
Frank Doorhof

Want to read the rest of the round up? Click on over and see what else was said about Elinchrom and Photokina 2012!