Portrait Lighting Basics Using Studio Strobes

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For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Gary Goldberg. When I’m not writing for this blog, I’m Vistek’s Professional Products Manger for Pro Photography. Outside of that role, I maintain my own professional photography business, I’ve got 2 websites, a blog, and am represented by Shutterstock, iStock, and 500px for stock photography. If you want to see more of my work: www.fastfocus.ca, www.garygoldbergphoto.com. One of my very favourite things to do is teach workshops at Vistek.

My favorite class to teach is Portrait lighting basics, using studio strobes because it’s near and dear to my heart. This 2.5 hour class is geared at novice photographers with an understanding of camera basics, and teaches them how to take a really good portrait using just a 2-light setup. There is nothing scary about this class whatsoever. If you have a desire to learn, you will get something out of it. We actually use the most basic Elinchrom D-Lite RX 1, strobe lighting kit, for use in the class.

Elinchrom D-Lite RX One













Ever seen one of those unboxing Videos? Well we open up a brand new Elinchrom D-Lite RX One kit, put it together, and show everyone how it works. We’ll work with a professional model, who is also a friend of mine, and go through several lighting setups, and everyone will get to shoot some portraits of their very own. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks!

Here are a couple of shots we did from the last Portrait Lighting Basics class:

The Hat


We will get to work with 1 and 2 light setups, and learn how to use reflectors to add in “kicker” lights. We’ll learn the difference between softboxes and umbrellas, and when to use each one. On another note, we will all learn what the term “Bokeh” is, and how and why to use your lens wide open.