The evolution of the Elinchrom D-Lite

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Elinchrom’s popular D-Lite “to go” kits have been updated with the launch of the new D-Lite it (internal transmitter)  To Go Kits in 200 & 400 watt/second versions.D-Lite-it_4_SET

With everything you need to set up your studio, these kits incorporate all the original D-Lite features and have thrown in the intelligent slave cell enabling it to synchronize with “strobist” speedlite systems and a four channel radio frequency trigger for reliable synchronization in every circumstance.

And built in to every new D-Lite it is an EL-Skyport Receiver. So, with the Skyport ECO transmitter attached to your camera’s hot shoe, you can trigger one or several D-Lite IT flash units – wirelessly. No sync cord required. Just think: no more wires to trip over.