Westcott Ice Light 2 – Lighting On The Go

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Designed by renown Nikon Ambassador and wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis, the unique Westcott Ice Light was a bit of a sensation when it was released back in 2012. While it looks like a cross between a lightsaber and an overgrown flashlight, it’s actually an incredibly versatile portable lighting system useful for both photographers and videographers alike.

Check out this video review of the original Ice Light by Dave Kaminski of Webvideo University to see what we mean.

Flash forward 3 years and we now have the beefed up Westcott Ice Light 2.

Westcott Ice Light 2Westcott Ice Light 2

50% Brighter Output

  • You asked for more power and Westcott delivered. For more effective use in film and photography, Ice Light 2 is engineered with a patented new LED technology offering 50% brighter output than the original. Ice Light 2 offers 1,740 lumens of beautiful daylight-balanced output while maintaining a compact housing.

A Better LED Chip

  • Ice Light 2’s LEDs feature the advantages of high efficiency and color purity with low energy consumption and long lifetime. Daylight-balanced at 5500K, they’re rated for 50,000 hours, or 17+ years if used 8 hours every day.

Better Light Purity

  • On a scale of 100, the Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures a light’s ability to reveal accurate colors, skin tones and hues. The Ice Light 2 sports a stunning 96 CRI, meaning your subject will be presented in near perfect light.

Flicker-Free for Filmmaking

  • The Ice Light 2 provides flicker-free output and stable light consistency during every use. Inexpensive power supplies can allow voltage to pass into the LEDs, causing a ripple or flicker that affects the shot.

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