Fujifilm X Webcam – Turn Your X & GFX Series Camera into a Webcam

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The new X Webcam software from Fujifilm will allow you to use select X or GFX series cameras as webcams.

If you own one of the following cameras, and run a Windows 10 (x64) based system the software will allow you to connect the camera to your computer via a USB cable offering a huge boost in picture quality over a traditional webcam. Depending on the camera model, you can also use the Eterna film simulation profile while operating the camera as a webcam

Supported Cameras

It’s also important to note that the software is not compatible with all video conferencing software and is currently not available for MacOS*.

*The macOS version is due to be released in mid-July 2020.

The best part is that Fujifilm is offering the software free of charge and you can download it here

Fuji Guys – FUJIFILM X Webcam Tutorial

The Fuji Guys “Billy” provides a quick 3 step tutorial on transforming your X/GFX Series compatible camera into a high quality webcam.

Camera updates June 24, 2020

New Supported Cameras (requires firmware update)


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