A camera bag that can save your life!

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lowepro_dry_zone_100Seriously, not only are the DryZone bags from Lowepro the first totally waterproof soft-sided camera backpacks. They float, even when fully loaded. They’ve been described as a “drysuit” for your equipment. Just listen to photographer Brooke McDonald, who describes what could have been a fatal accident, if not for his Lowepro DryZone backpack.

“I was covering the Labrador seal hunt. I stepped forward and the ice collapsed, plunging me into the freezing cold water. Fortunately, I had just bought a DryZone 200. Even though it was fully loaded, the DryZone held my head and shoulders above water.”

In the arctic, in the jungle, a Lowepro DryZone backpack is like buying travel insurance. Photo gear will never see a drop of water and will be completely protected from the elements. Don’t want to risk damaging your gear? Heed the words of Mr. McDonald, who owes everything to his DryZone backpack. “It was supposed to save my gear, which it did. I didn’t count on it saving my life.”

Waterproof TIZIP™ zipper, fully adjustable CollarCut™ shoulder straps, tuck-away tripod holder, self-draining mesh pockets, and attachment loops for SlipLock™ accessories, just a few of the many features that distinguish the DryZone as the world’s best.