Benro's Transfunctional Travel Angel: Compact Tripods with a Twist!

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Benro is taking their popular Travel Angel compact tripod one step further with its newly announced Transfunctional Travel Angel. The newest incarnation, announced Oct. 28, will be based on the current design that allows you to fold back the legs 180°… but will also allow one of the legs to be detached to act as a monopod. An improved leg locking system, better dust resistance and a new finish are also part of the new Transfunctional Travel Angel design.

Here’s the official press release from Benro:

Elmsford, NY – October 28, 2010 – Benro, manufacturer of tripods, monopods and heads designed for today’s demanding professional photographer, announces today all new Travel Angel Tripod Kits and Transfunctional Travel Angel Tripod Kits, enhancing its most popular collection of tripods.

Featuring the same super compact design in which the legs can be inverted and folded back for easy packing and carrying, the new line of Travel Angel tripods has an improved leg locking system, even better dust resistant technology, and an enhanced double protective finish.

And now, added for even greater versatility, the new Transfunctional Travel Angel Series features all the same great and improved features of the standard Travel Angel, plus the ability to convert from a full size tripod into a compact monopod quickly and easily – without tools.

“Utilizing the strongest materials and featuring innovative designs, these new Benro Travel Angel Tripods will set a new standard for photographers,” said Jan Lederman, President of MAC Group. “These super-compact tripods feature legs that fold back 180 degrees making them ideal for photographers on the go. And the quick switch to a sturdy compact monopod is an added bonus that we’re sure photographers will appreciate.”

The new incredibly affordable Benro Travel Angel Tripod Kits come in a variety of sizes and include a precision matched BH-Series Ballhead along with reverse folding Twist Lock Aluminum legs.

The new exceptionally versatile Benro Transfunctional Travel Angel Tripod Kits are available with a choice of either Carbon Fiber or Aluminum reverse folding Twist Lock legs and include a precision matched B-Series Ballhead.