Eco Print Shield – the BEST protection a print ever had!

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Premier Imaging Products may be known to a lot of you for their amazing array of paper products or even their new gallery wrap kits. But they’ve got another product that is, in our opinion, the BEST investment you could ever make for your prints or art reproductions.

What is it? Well, we’ll tell you: the Eco Print Shield. It’s a water-based protective coating that’s been specifically engineered for ink jet water-resistant media.

Granted, there are a lot of protective coatings on the market today, but the Eco Print Shield has one claim that we think makes it the hands-down winner:

The Red Wine Test

Premier Imaging wanted to test just how durable the Eco Print Shield coating was with canvas. Thinking of one of the toughest stains to get out of anything, they looked happily to red wine. They decided to spill a hearty Cabernet Sauvignon on a half coated, and half uncoated canvas.

Twenty-four hours later, as you can see in Photo 1, the wine on the Eco Print Shield coated side stayed on top of the coating. As expected, the wine on the uncoated half was absorbed into the ink jet receiver layer.

Taking a sponge, the Premier Imaging folks wiped both stains. The side coated with Eco print shield easily wiped clean, while the uncoated side had no noticeable effect (Photo 2). The stain is permanent. In fact, the wine stain was so strong, it stained the sponge!