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Talk about perfect timing. With Valentine’s Day a mere week away, Canon comes up with the perfect event for those in love with imaging. Canon’s “I LOVE LENSES” sales event. It features some sweetheart deals on Canon glass. Make a date to visit a Vistek showroom between February 6 and February 9. Trust us, you’re gong to fall in love with the prices.

One Camera, One Lens, One Big City


Recently I took a trip to New York. I don’t travel often but when I do packing camera gear for my trip is a top priority. Normally I leave the city with a huge array of cameras, lenses and accessories. I do that because I like to keep my options open; you never know what you’ll see on the road and how it’s best documented. I’m the first to admit I’m a bit of a gear hoarder. I have a lot of gear and I use all of it. Each tool has a purpose and as a photographer the tools…

Whet Your Appetite with the Canon SL1 @ CraveTO


f/5.0 | 1/200sec | 100 iso Red Velvet by Pretty Sweet – A Mobile Cupcakery T: @prettysweet_to This weekend, I found just how delicious photography can be. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Daniel Gerichter: Budding amateur photographer; avid food-eater. I like to think that my enthusiasm for geeking out over gear more than makes up for my lack of knowledge about it. My mission on this blog is to show my growth as a photographer by taking a variety of equipment out around my home town. I’m lucky enough to live in a place where there’s any…

Tamron 24-70 2.8 Lens Review


I have to admit that reading this great review of Tamron’s 24-70 2.8 VC lens on Dpreview’s website really piqued my interest. Speaking as a former Canon guy, I had owned the 28-75 2.8 Tamron lens and loved it. I’m not going to get TOO technical about this (I leave that to Dpreview) and instead I’m going to give you facts, photos, and some pros and cons.

NEW from Nikon: the AF-S NIKKOR 80-400mm f4.5-5.6G ED VR l Lens


Nikon announced, yesterday, the AF-S NIKKOR 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR, a versatile FX-format telephoto zoom lens designed to provide top-class performance and a long reach for a variety of shooting scenarios. The AF-S NIKKOR 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR covers the broadest focal length range of any NIKKOR super-telephoto zoom lens. At 80mm, its an ideal medium-telephoto portrait lens that allows you to create stunning portraits with a medium telephoto perspective and softly blurred backgrounds. At 400mm, its a powerful super-telephoto lens suited to wildlife and action photography, with or without a tripod. For dazzling close-ups with macro detail, get as…

NEW from Nikon: 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR Telephoto & 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED Wide-Angle


Expanding  upon its NIKKOR lens lineup for sports, wildlife, news and landscape photographers, Nikon has introduced two new members to the family:  the AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR super-telephoto lens and AF-S NIKKOR 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ultrawide-angle zoom lenses. Specifically engineered for sports, wildlife and photojournalists, the AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR offers the longest focal length of any NIKKOR autofocus (AF) lens, affording photographers the opportunity to get closer to their subject from almost any distance. KEY FEATURES: FX-format compatible, 1.9x ultra-wide-angle zoom lens covering a focal-length range from 18 to 35 mm Compact and light design with…

Nikon’s NEW FX-format Telephoto Zoom Lens


Nikon recently launched its new FX-format AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR telephoto zoom lens – the first NIKKOR lens to feature the third generation of Nikon’s Vibration Reduction (VR) technology. Striking an ideal balance between exceptional optics, advanced lens technologies and a remarkably compact, lightweight design, this lens offers superior performance and stunning image quality whether shooting beautiful stills or HD video in challenging lighting conditions. Smaller and lighter than Nikon’s AF-S NIKKOR 70-200 f/2.8 lens, this lens is able to vastly reduce camera shake and blur by offering the equivalent shutter speed of approximately five stops slower than…

NEW from Nikon: AF-S DX 18-300 VR and AF-S 24-85 VR lenses


Nikon has announced two new lenses for FX- and DX-format  photographers — the F-S NIKKOR 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR,  a high-power super zoom lens with 16.7x DX zoom, and the AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR, a versatile everyday lens for FX shooters. AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Key Features: A high-power zoom lens with a focal length of 18-300 mm (angle of view equivalent to that of 27-450mm lens in 35-mm [135] format) and the world’s highest 16.7x zoom ratio Maximum reproduction ratio: 1:3.2x Vibration reduction (VR II) offering camera shake compensation equivalent to a shutter speed…

Canon Launches Cinema EOS System


At a press event in Los Angeles, yesterday, Canon announced the new EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera interchangeable-lens video camera & EOS Cinema System. With an EF mount system to support EF lenses and EF cinema lenses, it also sports a PL mount, a Super 35mm CMOS sensor and 8.3 Megapixels imaging processor which offers special low light performance capabilities. More than just a camera, the C300 and C300 PL cameras mark the beginning of a whole new system for the motion picture industry. Form factor, ergonomics, image processing and lenses – re-imagined to tailor the experience of shooting to…

Birger Engineering Canon Lens Adapters


Birger Engineering Adapters Coming Soon! The Birger adapters will allow physical mounting of Canon EF-S photo lenses on the new breed of large-sensor video cameras and provide electronic iris and focus control. The latest information from Birger states a product update and full information should be available by sometime this month. We’ll make sure you get all the info as soon as we do! Canon Red One adapter will be first out of the gate with a version for Sony’s PMW-F3 by mid-October (we plan to show it at our Pro Series seminar Oct. 18 & Oct. 19) followed shortly…