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Lens Buying Guide – Lens Specifications – What Does it All Mean?


Lens Specifications… What does it all mean? Manufacturers incorporate standard terminology when describing basic characteristics of their lenses, including lens type (wide angle, zoom, etc.), focal length (50mm, 100mm, etc.) and f-stops (f/2.8, f/8, etc.). But what do all the other acronyms stand for? Some manufacturers give their lenses brand names, but usually you will find that they also list the camera’s specifications in acronyms. Too often these acronyms are manufacturer-specific; in addition, some of the features are exclusive to each manufacturer. Here is a handy guide to the acronyms that each manufacturers use, their definitions and their functions.

Lens Buying Guide – Lens Quality – What You Need to Know


Lens Quality …how does the engineering affect the price? The wide range of lens prices can be quite baffling considering the range runs from $120 to over $10,000! Clearly, there is quite a difference in the engineering and quality of each lens. The more restrictive the zoom lens, the more expensive a lens can be while the larger the range, the less expensive it becomes. Why is this so? There are two major factors that come into play that determines the price of a lens; focal length and aperture. Focal Length The focal length determines the angle of view, magnification,…

Lens Buying Guide – Introduction – So You Want to Buy a Lens…


Introduction… So you want to buy a lens? Stepping into the world of lenses can be a daunting task, but we have written this guide in hopes of making your buying decision relatively easy. The first thing to remember is: Making a lens selection is as personal as the style of the photographer. In other words, what you buy must first of all satisfy you. Second, you’ll get a chance to select from the wide variety of lenses available today – everything from fixed to zoom lenses, large telephotos, and even specialty lenses like fish-eye. The vast array of lenses…

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