FUJIFILM wants you to try before you buy

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Most of us have had the opportunity to take a car for a test drive to see how well it performs before we commit to purchasing it, but how often does that opportunity arise when you’re purchasing a camera?

Just like cars, no two cameras perform in exactly the same way. Perhaps it’s a different menu set-up, the control buttons are probably located in different places, and if you’re changing from DSLR to mirrorless, there’s the difference in size…

Fujifilm X LogoFUJIFILM X-Series Try Before You Buy Program

Our friends at Fujifilm understand this, and they have introduced a program that lets you take your favourite X-Series camera and lens out for a spin to help you make an informed decision prior to your purchase.

Take advantage of the FREE 3-day trial on FUJIFILM X-Series cameras and gear.

The program, which started late last year, runs until the end of 2016 giving you plenty of time to decide which camera and lens you’d like to try out.

FUJIFILM X-Series Try & Buy Program Details
  • Standard Rental Deposit Required
  • 2 pieces of Government ID Required
  • Please call ahead to confirm availability
  • You must have your own SD card
  • Fuji coupons available from Photo sales
  • Limit: One Camera/Lens Accessory per customer per coupon
  • Currently available in Toronto (Vistek) only

“Try Before You Buy” Eligible Cameras, Lenses & Accessories:

Fixed Lens Cameras
Mirrorless Cameras
Prime Lenses
Standard Zoom Lenses


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