“Get me the heck outta here!”

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At this point, everyone, OK maybe not everyone but most Canadians are dreaming of escaping to a tropical locale, to a place that has a warm sounding ring to it like Havana, Montego Bay or Puerto Vallarta.


As a photographer you’re also thinking it’d sure be nice to shoot something without snow and ice in the shot, or of people bundled up to the point where they’re barely recognizable.


Well, if you’re not able to throw a pair of shorts, swim trunks, and your favourite photo gear into a bag, hop on a plane and head south, we can still dream about it!

That’s the beauty of photos, isn’t it?

We can always reflect by simply pulling out shots of places we once were and enjoy the memories.


And on the subject of capturing new ones, wouldn’t it be great to experience the joy of travelling ‘light’ with a new mirrorless model from Fuji, Olympus or Sony? And when you get tired of taking bikini-clad beauties on the beach, along with those classic tropical sunsets, maybe you want to wander the streets, capturing scenes of the locals at work and play, with your gear neatly tucked inside your cool, new Tenba Switch bag.

Woman In Bikini Wearing Sunglasses On A Beach Looking At The Sun

Or, if you feel really adventurous, hike into the jungle to capture unique wildlife.That’s where a nice long lens would come in handy. And let’s not forget the underwater enthusiasts, There’s some great equipment to capture stunning shots and video footage under the sea, from Canon, Nikon and Pentax.


I hope all this talk of warmth has brought a ray of sunshine to an otherwise cold blustery day.