What is it that comes to mind when you hear “Phase One”?

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phase one iq250

What is it that comes to mind when you hear “Phase One”?

For pro photographers, it’s a whole new level of gear and (in the right hands) can help create masterpieces unlike any other. Simply put, Phase One creates cameras and camera backs that are in a league of their own.

Here’s what some of the industry’s top photographers have to say about working with Phase One gear.

NatashaV_Portrait_20131-248x300Natasha V.

I’ve been a Phase One user since the first days of the H5 backs, so quite a while ago!
From the first moment you put the digital back on your camera, you feel the confidence in your equipment – the most important feeling you need to have as a photographer going into a new shoot. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on lighting, creatives, and just have fun on your shoot.
I work in fashion photography, where look of the objects have quite a big part of deciding what will be featured in the final photograph. and I can definitely say that the same goes for my camera system – my clients are more than impressed when they see the Phase One back, and the quality of the images that even an untrained eye can recognize as superior.

mattMatt Barnes

I always choose the phase when I want to either push the file or need that ultimate quality and file depth.

Especially something like Raunch-o and Zombie Boy that is rich with detail… I want the files to be that rich too.

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Douglas Sonders

My Phase One IQ system has allowed me to step up my game. Showing up on a set with this best camera system on the planet has allowed me to capture not only the highest quality files, but also show my clients that I’m not willing to compromise the quality of their projects.

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