Introducing the Phase One IQ250

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Capture everything anywhere

The IQ250 features the widest usable ISO range of any high-end camera system.


Phase One introduces the world’s first CMOS-based medium format digital camera back. The new 50-megapixel IQ250 brings unprecedented image capture flexibility to the IQ2 family of wireless-enabled high-end camera systems. Delivering up to 15 stops of dynamic range and improved ISO sensitivity of up to ISO 6,400, the new IQ250 digital back will also be capable of shooting up to 2 frames per second in burst shooting mode.

PhaseBackIn the studio or on a mountainside, the IQ250 lets photographers capture stunning imagery in available light — virtually anywhere and any time.
 With a sensor size of 44x33mm, the IQ250 offers 68 percent more image-capture real estate than any full-frame 35mm DSLR camera and the widest usable ISO range of any medium format camera system.
The IQ250’s phenomenal dynamic range of 14 f-stops enables photographers to capture the most demanding scenes in one shot, while retaining details in highlights and shadows. This feature is a godsend for on-location photographers whose only option is to use the light available to them.






In the video below, sports photographer Tim Kemple takes you through his very first day shooting with the Phase One IQ250 digital back. Witness one of the craziest days Tim has had as a photographer.

ScreenBackThe IQ250 is designed for capture versatility. With an ISO range from 100 to 6400, it delivers world-class image quality at any ISO speed. And its range of exposure time – from 1/10000s to one hour – accommodates extensive shooting options. Another key feature of the IQ250 is its fluid and responsive Live View, which offers great composition and focus assistance.