Photolosophy 101

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I’m feeling a little philosophical today, looking at recent trends and wondering if they apply to photography.

I’m referring to the back-to-the-basics movement. There’s a lot of it going on. Audiophiles are moving back to plastic recordings. Backyard gardens are suddenly back in vogue, as is shopping at nearby farmer’s markets and local farms. Craft brewers are making inroads into the big suds’ bottom lines. Heck, even our national game is affected. They’re taking NHL hockey out of the arenas and staging them in the great outdoors — where the game of ice hockey was first played.

You can probably come up with your own examples, as well as an explanation for the movement. I’m thinking it has something to do with the way we are 12nBSVNalways pressed for time.  And as a backlash to our 24/7 lifestyles, we reflect back to a time when life was slower, simpler, when we took time to make things, and everything we made seemed purer.

Another explanation might be, we’re all looking for something more than the usual materialistic trappings to define us. Cars, jewelry, fashion .. it’s just not enough.

18O5Zt5We’re searching for more, something that will add meaning to our lives in place of religion and possessions. Something that says, “I do the extra work, take the extra time, perform the extra steps.”

I don’t know, Maybe I’m totally misreading the scene. But do you think film will ever stage a come-back?