The search for the perfect DSLR…Part II

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This entire experience of shopping for a new camera has not played out as I had expected. I went from looking for an upgrade over my Sony R1 to wanting a full-frame, 24MP, movie making machine.. the Canon 5D Mark II, it’s kick-ass and everybody loves it !

Of course I had completely lost sight of all the important factors that should’ve helped me choose the right camera for my needs…

1. I’m an adventure videographer, not a professional photographer. I’m out there primarily to shoot movies and taking stills is just an added bonus, so the need of a high-end full-frame body would be overkill.

2. I have access to several professional video cameras so the priority of a DSLR that shoots video is not a prerequisite.

3. I wanted a fast camera with 7fps and I didn’t want to have to buy an extra grip to get it.
But the most important factor for me is that I abuse my gear ! I admit it…I have no respect for my cameras. I have friends who handle their cameras like a new mother holding a baby… not me, I toss it around, leave it laying in the dirt and hang it perilously from a cliff ( see pic below ). If I actually bought myself a 5D Mark II and a Redrock Micro rig there is no way in hell I could see myself dragging it up a cliff…come on, what was I thinking ! So for me, it’s really down to two cameras. The Canon EOS 7D or the Nikon D300s and since I won’t be getting a full-frame body, I’m leaning more towards the 7D because I want the 17.9MP.

In closing, if you’re looking to upgrade your camera, your actual priorities and needs may be very different than the people who are giving you their advice and opinions… so figure out what YOU need and grab it !