The Sony Party-Shot: Festive pix for the (lazy) busy party animal

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What’s that, you say? A party shot that actually helps you focus the camera?

The premise may sound like a late-night comedy TV commercial spoof, but the Sony Party-Shot is, in fact, the real deal. You know how it goes: you throw a party, everyone has a great time, you take a ton of photos… but it looks like you weren’t there since you don’t show up in any of your shots (tough to do when you’re the one taking them, right?)

The good folks at Sony have made it THAT much easier to capture great party photos (or incriminating evidence, depending on how you look at it) without having to snap a single shot yourself.

The tiny Ansel Adams-bot can keep up the photoshoot for up to 12 hours, but it’s currently only compatible with the Cyber-shot® DSC-TX1 & DSC-WX1. You can  sit the robotic shutterbug on either a tabletop or a tripod, configure the simple set-up and then let it go to town.

Working with your camera’s Face Detection and Smile Detection technologies, the Party-Shot whirs to life – rotating, tilting, zooming, and flashing in your guests’ faces to automatically capture photographs in natural poses. Though we have to wonder how natural folks will feel with a tiny robotic camera seemingly chasing them around the room?

The price tag isn’t too hefty either, so compatible camera owners (or those looking to buy a new point & shoot with some cool new accessories) will appreciate the new technology.