Tips & Tricks from the Pros: #5 – Motivating Yourself

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Become better by motivating yourself to shoot more often. After all, practice makes perfect.

The best way to become familiar with your camera and to become more proficient with photography is to always have your camera on hand. Today’s world burdens us with cell phones, mp3 players, GPS navigation gadgets and, most importantly, our laptops. But how does one carry all of that and still fit a camera too?

I highly recommended that you check out the Tenba Messenger bag series offered by Vistek. I recently  acquired one for myself and could not believe how I have gone this long without a bag that suits my life perfectly. I have a Blackberry, iPod, 14″ Laptop, 2 Cameras and 4 lenses and a speed-light that I want to carry on a daily basis. Now I have my camera at hand for those moments that just happen – and am now able to capture freely at all times. Being able to use your camera whenever you want will make you more proficient and allow you to try new things by experimenting while still being able to carry everything else in your life.

The really nice thing about these bags is that all of us have individual styles and there are many colour options to suit anyone’s sense of style and personality.

Try changing the sound of your environment.

Let me preface this by saying that I do recommend maintaining safety at all times and this may not work in some situations. On motivated shooting days I do prep myself with music and will set up my mp3 player with all genres of music – including some that I may not even listen to, personally, on a regular basis. What I find is that life’s daily sounds can be distracting – imagine: you’re shooting a city scene and two cars start honking, causing you to look over your shoulder as you miss a golden opportunity.

Imagine sitting in a major city centre hub listening to a classical piece. Then switch your selection to something more upbeat – another song that is loud and obnoxious – and you will see the pace of the environment change as the music does. I have included my mp3 player as a major photographic tool and will not go out unless it is charged and ready for me to listen to. Music is something that allows most to relax, let go and free themselves from the world around them. Try it sometime – you might be amazed as to how this little tip changes your shooting experience.

Submitted by:
Derek Shanks – Digital / Photo Sales Representative
Vistek Toronto

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Top Image Credit:  jason thomas on Unsplash