Who Stole My Pictures: Handy new image-finding Add-On for Firefox

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Worried about posting your photos online for fear someone is going to (or already has) ripped them off and posted them elsewhere? Then Who Stole My Pictures is a Firefox Add-On you’re going to appreciate.

Created by developer Wink-RU, this fantastic little feature lets you scour around the web to see where your image (or even similar images) can be found. And, rather than just one search, this extension combines the power of Yandex.ru, Tineye.com, Google.com, Baidu.com and Cydral.com – all at the right-click of your mouse.

Who Stole My Pictures lets you use one of the included search options – or all of them at once; pretty simple way to keep an eye on your photos, isn’t it?

Get the Add-On HERE.