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Greenland Exposed: A Photographic Adventure with Paul Zizka


Filmed at ProFusion Expo 2015, adventure photographer Paul Zizka discusses his trip to Greenland and the many sights he was able to capture during his time there. I believe there is in all human beings a deep connection with the natural environment. In these times, however, that link is often obscured by the capitalistic, hectic, materialistic and anthropocentric nature of our societies. My hope is that through my photography people will rediscover the precious connection they can have with the wonders of our planet.” Paul Zizka Greenland Exposed… Presentation sponsored by Canon “Paul Zizka is a professional mountain landscape and…

Canon 80D: Introducing the New Semi-Pro Powerhouse


The newly announced Canon 80D replaces the 70D and introduces some big improvements to Canon’s mid-range DSLRs. For those who have shot with the 70D, the new 80D will feel familiar in your hands. While the physical body remains mostly unchanged (a polycarbonate exterior that is both water & dust resistance) from the 70D, there are a few notable changes: Addition of a headphone socket Remote port moved slightly downward Stereo microphones moved from top to front of camera and given a slightly wider separation Smaller Q & playback buttons But perhaps the biggest physical change, is the addition of a mirror vibration control…

FUJIFILM X-Pro2: Behind the scenes – Hands on with Spencer Wynn


A few weeks ago, our friend, the amazingly talented photographer Spencer Wynn, allowed us to film a video with him providing his thoughts on the new Fuji X-Pro 2 camera. During the filming of the video, Vistek Product Manager Gary Goldberg managed to capture a few behinds the scenes photos of the process. See the FujiFilm X-Pro 2 at ProFusion Expo this October. Get You Free Tickets today! Order your Fuji X-Pro 2 from Vistek today. Spencer was able to put the Fuji X-Pro 2 through its paces for several weeks prior to it’s release announcement. The stunning images he captured can be found on his…

How to get beautiful Interview Lighting with LEDGO Fresnels


This year at ProFusion Expo LEDGO sponsored one of the more illuminating series of seminars highlighting their LED lighting products. The seminars, led by Bentley Miller covered a wide range of LED lighting how to’s including: Transitioning from tungsten “hot” lights to LED fixtures Lighting Talent in front of a backdrop Lighting for product shots Click here to see the full range of LEDGO products available at Vistek. We all know that lighting is an important (some would say it’s the most important) element for both film and photography. What a lot of people don’t fully understand is how using the right lighting techniques can dramatically improve…

Bryan Caporicci: Making the Jump to Mirrorless


The dSLR vs. Mirrorless debate between photographers has been raging back & forth for years. Both sides have their arguments, but who is right? Are mirrorless cameras really the future of photography, or is dSLR still the champ? The short answer is, we don’t really know… But at this year’s ProFusion Expo, you can find out one photographer’s answer… Award winning photographer, educator & creator of the website Sprouting Photographer, Bryan Caporicci, will take to the main stage to discuss why he made the switch to mirrorless and then never looked back. Dates: Wednesday, November 11th at 12:30pm & Thursday, November 12th at 1:30pm…

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