Jonathan Bielaski – ProFusion Expo 2019 Main Stage Presenter

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Jonathan Bielaski – Presented by Fujifilm

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Shooting Stills and Motion utilizing the best of both formats

November 13 – 12:45 p.m. – On Stage A

Presentation: Shooting Stills and Motion utilizing the best of both formats – Jonathan Bielaski discusses his workflow for creating amazing custom content for National and International client on location using both GFX and X Series, including the new GFX 100.

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Jonathan Bielaski - Fujifilm

Jonathan Bielaski – Fujifilm

Bio: Jonathan Bielaski has been shooting professionally for 18 years, but his path was evident from childhood, growing up with a dark room in the basement and cameras always within reach. Honing his skills with complex light and detailed production work Jonathan’s fascination with people’s stories and who they are & what they do lead him to start telling people’s stories through his environmental portraits. Jonathan’s work in is in high demand and internationally recognized as a top environmental portrait photographer. His photography has taken him to amazing locations and work environments from the courts and rinks where pro athletes play to the secluded mines where Canada’s diamonds come from. Always learning from the people he meets and the stories they tell. Environmental portraiture captures the essence of a subject in its natural habitat. Every one of Jonathan Bielaski’s photos tells a story of a person’s journey. The focus is greater than the person – it’s the reality of who they are at this time in their life – the background reflecting their personality.

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