Meet the Profoto Booth Presenters at ProFusion Expo 2019

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2019 Profoto Booth Presenters at ProFusion Expo

This year’s Profoto booth presenters include some familiar faces and will introduce you to some incredibly talented new ones.

Karen Weiler – Presented by Profoto

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The Art of Photographing the Family Pet

November 13 – 11:30 a.m. – Profoto Booth
November 14 – 1:30 p.m. – Profoto Booth

Presentation: The Art of Photographing the Family Pet – Pets have taken their place in society as full-fledged family members and more and more people want more than just a cell phone shot. But, how do you work with subjects who do not pose, do not speak the same language and like to move? Karen will discuss the keys to capture the expression, personality and lighting to create the perfect portrait of man’s best friend.

Profoto Booth Presenter - Karen Weiler

Profoto Booth Presenters – Karen Weiler

Bio: Karen Weiler is an award-winning pet portrait and commercial animal photographer. She combines her photographic talent with a knack for developing an instant relationship with her furry models to create beautiful portraits that bring out their personality. Karen believes that when it comes to loving dogs or cats, even the distracted and independent ones, there is no reason to choose. An avid traveller —53 countries and counting — she photographs animals around the world but calls Toronto home. In her spare time, Karen photographs homeless animals looking for their forever homes and donates her photography services to multiple animal rescue groups.


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Raph Nogal – Presented by Profoto

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Small Lights, Big Impact

November 13 – 1:00 p.m. – Profoto Booth

Presentation: Small Lights, Big Impact – Want to create big impact in your images? Join professional photographer Raph Nogal as he takes you through various scenarios and discusses what the A1X and C1Plus can do to help you create dramatic and memorable images. Raph will take you behind the scenes and discuss his thought process in creating big impact images. He will also demonstrate how he uses Profoto lights on shoots to help him stand out.

Profoto Booth Presenter Raph Nogal

Profoto Booth Presenters – Raph Nogal

Bio: Raph Nogal is a professional wedding & portrait photographer of over 10 years based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Raph’s style can be best described as a fusion between photojournalism and art-focused editorial photography. Best known for his creative off-camera lighting approach, Raph is an active photographer, educator & speaker and proud Profoto Premium Club trainer, MagMod, Vision Art and Spider Holster and an Educational Ambassador for SLR Lounge.

A 25-time recipient of WPPI Honours of Excellence Awards, Raph is also a Fearless Photographers Award winner, Shutterfest Print Comp Award winner, as well as a PPOC Winner and Loan Collection participant in National and Regional Image Salons in Canada.

Billie Chiasson – Presented by Profoto

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Shooting macro beauty with the B10 and C1 plus

November 13 – 2:30 p.m. – Profoto Booth

Profoto Booth Presenter - Billie Chiasson

Profoto Booth Presenters – Billie Chiasson

Presentation: Shooting macro beauty with the B10 and C1 plus – Billie will be showcasing the B10 and C1 plus capabilities as well as highlighting how you can incorporate the C1 for professional macro beauty photography.

Bio: Billie is a commercial, beauty, fine art and fashion photographer and Creative Director located out of Toronto, ON.

Her style is unique and is often described as nothing less than “beautiful”. She is also an educator for Canon Canada, Profoto Canada, Vistek as well as an ambassador for LEDGO.

Billie is represented by Lisa Bonnici in Canada.

Miguel Jacob – Presented by Profoto

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“Modifying the Modifier”: Light Sculpting Techniques in Fashion Photography

November 13 – 4:00 p.m. – Profoto Booth
November 14 – 12:00 p.m. – Profoto Booth

Presentation: “Modifying the Modifier”: Light Sculpting Techniques in Fashion Photography – In this presentation, Fashion photographer Miguel Jacob will demonstrate how to create unique and arresting high-contrast Fashion imagery by “Modifying the modifier”. This technique is achieved by using Profoto flashes coupled with a wide array of light shaping tools in a live fashion shoot with a model. Learn Miguel’s light shaping tips and tricks from his extensive experience as one of Canada’s most successful fashion photographers.

Profoto Booth Presenter - Miguel Jacob

Profoto Booth Presenters – Miguel Jacob

Bio: Miguel Jacob is a Fashion Photographer and Educator with a knack for creating cool and sophisticated images in which light plays a central role. In addition to his editorial and advertising work for clients such as Flare, Bullett, Nylon, The Bay, Sears, Beringer Winery and Universal Records, he has photographed many celebrities including Michael Bublé, Jay Manuel, Lisa Ray and Alexa Chung. Miguel has won several awards for his photography including the Best Magazine Cover of model Coco Rocha at the prestigious P & G Beauty Awards. He has made several TV appearances including being a guest photographer in America’s Next Top Model, cycle 18, in 2012. Miguel is a Profoto Premium Club trainer, the Educational Manager at Profoto Academy and teaches portraiture and fashion photography at Sheridan College. He is also a Fujifilm GFX ambassador.

Ranjiv Gunarajasingam – Presented by Profoto

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Light, brand, and life

November 13 – 5:30 p.m. – Profoto Booth
November 14 – 10:30 a.m. – Profoto Booth

Profoto Booth Presenters - Ranjiv Gunarajasing

Profoto Booth Presenters – Ranjiv Gunarajasing

Presentation: Light, brand, and life – Do you want to know how to use lighting to create a brand? How does lighting contribute to keeping a life well balanced? Join Ranjiv, as he discusses under which circumstances, he relies on the A1X, B10 and B1X and how using these products allow him to save time during the wedding day as well as in post-production.

Bio: Ranjiv is a Toronto based, international wedding photographer. He is an educator for Profoto Canada and has done multiple workshops for major brands such as Sony & Profoto.

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