ProFusion Expo: Visit the Creative Lighting Centre

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Learn creative lighting techniques from incredibly talented professionals

One of the great things about ProFusion Expo is the demonstrations. This year, we are very excited to host two amazingly talented Fashion/Editorial photographers, Billie Chiasson from Toronto and Lisa Marie-McGinn from Alberta in our Creative Lighting Centre.

Billie Chiasson Creative Lighting

© Billie Chiasson

LED Continuous Lighting Techniques

Presented By: Billie Chiasson
DURATION: 1-hour sessions throughout the day

Billie is known in the industry for her gorgeous natural-looking portraits. Billie will demonstrate how you can create portraits that look naturally-lit by using LED continuous lighting. She will explain LED’s advantages over strobes, as well as how to work with professional models and how to get the pose you want. Lucky for us, Billie has agreed to perform two demos per day. Check her out on the Creative Lighting Stage.

See the show schedule to catch her in action.

Dale Sood addressing crowd 1000 px

Dale Sood

BONUS: Dale Sood, Vistek’s go-to resident videographer, will be there to show how LED continuous lighting can be useful for more than photo shoots.

Dale will demonstrate that’s it’s highly effective video tool, as well.

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Lisa-Marie McGinn Creative Lighting

© Lisa-Marie McGinn

Understanding Elinchrom

Presented By: Lisa-Marie McGinn
DURATION: 1-hour sessions throughout the day

Lisa-Marie, using Elinchrom strobes and modifiers, employs a simplistic yet highly effective lighting technique. Lisa-Marie proves it doesn’t have to be complicated. And you don’t need a ton of gear to make it look professional. In fact, she creates her signature style of fashion and conceptualized portraiture with a minimal amount of Elinchrom lighting gear.

Don’t miss one of her two engaging demos per day on the Creative Lighting Stage.

See the show schedule for details.