Why I Switched to Mirrorless – Bryan Caporicci

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Filmed at ProFusion Expo 2015, Niagara-based wedding & portrait photographer Bryan Caporicci discusses his transition to using mirrorless cameras.

I believe that photography is about people, relationships and the moments that they share together. Bryan Caporicci

Presentation sponsored by FujiFilm.

Mirrorless - Bryan Caporicci

About Bryan

“I believe that we should all laugh more. I believe that we should have fun whenever we can and I believe that there is nothing more important than living in the moment we are in and being with the people we are with.

I believe that you are most yourself when you think no one’s watching, I believe that you look your best when you feel relaxed and I believe that the simplest moments tell the purest stories.

I believe photography is best enjoyed in your hands and not on a computer screen and that just because we have the ability to edit a picture doesn’t mean that we have to.

Most of all, I believe that you should live the moment instead of always trying to take a picture of it. Afterall … that’s my job!”

For more information about Bryan Caporicci please visit his website http://www.bcapphoto.com/